A vertical compactor makes an excellent choice in situations where you have limited space, allowing you to benefit from a compaction system without it taking up a large floor area. Vertical compactors are also great for applications and businesses without a large amount of waste, particularly wet waste, or if a regularly schedule collection service is unavailable.

As a result, the vertical compactor makes an excellent restaurant compactor, and is also suited well to hospitals, care homes, schools, and small-to-medium shopping plazas.

Here are some features of our top-quality vertical compactors:

– Completely reversible, able to be adapted to front or rear feeding
– Available in container sizes of 3, 4, 6 or 8 cubic yards
– Adjustable based on size and needs
– Solid anchoring system to ensure safety and durability
– Large capacity range to suit your unique needs.

Vision Compaction is proud to provide a wide range of vertical compactors as well as the installation and service you need to ensure a long-term solution to your on-site waste management needs.

If you think a vertical compactor might be just what your business or site needs, reach out to one of our Vision Compaction experts by visiting our Contact page to ask questions about vertical compaction or to be referred to specific models for your needs.