Stationary compactors are an excellent choice for dry waste or recyclable materials. These are attached to the ground, remaining in one place while the receiver container can be removed to be emptied anytime. They make a great choice for industrial and commercial applications, and range in sizes from 2 to 5 cubic yards. The size you choose will be based on your unique needs and requirements.

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of pickups required on your property, or simply looking to cater to a large volume of waste that’s difficult to compact, a stationary compactor might be the ideal solution.

All our compactors meet industry safety standards and utilize advanced guidance systems to ensure consistent tracking.

Vision Compaction provides rentals, sales, leasing and installation for a wide range of stationary compactors in various sizes, and all of our compactors are designed to be quiet, efficient and consistently dependable for long-term and extensive use.

If you have questions about how a stationary works or how it can help improve your on-site waste management, contact a Vision Compaction expert today by visiting our Contact page.