About Us

With over 15 years of experience in the business of industrial and commercial waste handling and recycling equipment, LawrenceBondonese, Jr. is an industry veteran with a history of dedication to the needs of his customers.

With a love for sales that’s been ingrained since childhood and a passion for the industry that’s unmatched among his peers and competitors, Lawrence has been providing industrial and commercial compactors and balers through Vision Compaction Rentals to the businesses and organizations that need them most. That focus on customers’ needs is what sets Lawrence apart, as he has long maintained a policy of never selling a customer a product they don’t need.

“I will never sell anything to anyone just to make a dollar. If it’s not right for them, I will pass up the deal. I’ve done it before. Even if I lose the sale, I know that this particular customer will remember and say, ‘This guy could have sold me something, but he didn’t because he was honest.’”

In line with this dedication to honesty and customer service, Lawrence takes his greatest pleasure from showing his customers solutions that they might have otherwise never discovered. Many of them come to Vision Compaction expecting to spend a fortune, or desperate for a solution to their onsite dumpsters that can cost upwards of $50,000 + a year to empty and maintain.

But whether through leasing, renting, selling, Lawrence Bondonese and the team at Vision Compaction Rentals find a solution that saves customers time, money, and the headache of struggling to deal with onsite waste. They then remain committed to following up with those customers to ensure complete satisfaction with their products and services.

“The thing I want customers to understand most is that we’re there for them. If I sell them something, and a few months or years down the road it stops working or has an issue, they can call me and I’ll make sure they’re taken care of.” -Lawrence Bondonese,